Language Justice Circle: Interpretation for Social Justice

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The Language Justice Circle focuses on developing the capacity of interpreters and translators to create multilingual spaces, organize around language access in our communities, create analysis about the impact of the preservation and loss of language, and build a stronger social justice movement by allowing us to organize and create relationships across language barriers.

2015 Interpretation for Social Justice Workshop participants
Language Justice is a movement for social justice, and looks a lot of ways in different communities.  In Western North Carolina, the Language Justice Circle focuses on training and supporting interpreters to develop their skills and their social justice analysis.  For us, a social justice interpreter is skilled and on the mic sounds just like any other interpreter, however social justice interpreters also have an analysis of power, privilege, oppression, and look to support social justice movements with their skills

Once a year, the Language Justice Circle hosts a two day Interpreting for Social Justice Training.  The training is targeted for those interested in building interpretation skills, especially students and community members.  It also covers the political impact of interpretation on community organizing and movement building.

The Interpreting for Social Justice Training is the first step to the CPC Interpreting Mentorship Program.  This program includes evaluation and one on one mentorship.  CPC prioritizes hiring these new interpreters for local and regional interpreting opportunities.  Lastly, the LJ Circle convenes interpreter practices sessions where bilingual people interested in interpretation come together to practice, learn about creating multilingual spaces and discuss the role of the interpreter in social justice movements.